Cleanroom Bags – Do You Really Need Them?

When considering the question; do you really need cleanroom bags, you must first understand what is a cleanroom bag.

What is a cleanroom bag?

A cleanroom is a contained and controlled area specifically designed to Limit the amount of airborne particulates. HEPA Filters are used to filter out particulates larger than 0.5 microns in size. Humidity, Temperature and pressure are also tightly regulated.

Cleanroom film protection for clean medical and device packing

Cleanroom bags for electronics sensitive to dust particulates

Clean room level class 100 bags

Cleanroom plastic polyethylene poly bags

Cleanroom nylon bags

Cleanroom tubing sleeves

Aclar cleaned film

Cleanroom Polyethylene films bags pouches covers

Class 100 Nylon

Cleanroom Class100 bag

Tubing bagging for clean rooms

Poly Sheeting

Cleaned bags

Custom made to size cleanroom bags

Cleanroom film and bags

Industries Served: :
cleanroom bags class 100

Cleanrooms can really be found in almost every industry that execute scientific research or manufactures and packages critical components or parts. The most common industries that will use a cleanroom are Bio-Tech, Military, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor Manufacturers, Aerospace and Medical Device manufacturing.

What is a Cleanroom Bag?

cleanroom bags class 100

A TRUE cleanroom bag begins with the resin. Many companies use a commercial grade resin for the extrusion and conversion process. Often this commercial grade resin will contain reground material i.e: Recycled material and unwanted contaminants, such as slip agents, release agents and manufacturing aids.

To eliminate any potential resin contaminants only a Virgin Barefoot resin should be used. This is a specialized resin that does not contain any regrind i.e: Recycled material, No SLIP agents, No Anti Block additives and no manufacturing aids, such as ungofos.

The question of do you really need cleanroom bags may be better answered with the though…” do I need a dust controlled environment?”

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